Salary Benefits

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Trooper Recruiting

SALARY: Recruits begin earning a salary upon their initial report to the Arkansas State Police Training Academy.  Presently the hourly rate for a recruit is $16.58 ($34,500 annually) while enrolled at the academy.  Upon graduation from the State Police Academy the hourly wage increases to $17.30 ($36,000 annually).

VACATION & SICK LEAVE: New Troopers qualify for eleven paid holidays, twelve paid vacation days and twelve days of paid sick leave (*inclusive of spouse/domestic partner, child or parent).


  • Healthcare insurance is paid by the state for Trooper (Recruit) and family
  • Certificate pay up to $1,200 annually (*State Police Director discretion)
  • Retirement contributions are paid by the state.
  • Uniforms and equipment are furnished
  • Eligible for career service pay following ten years of state service
  • Opportunities for overtime duty