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Crash Records

Effective January 1, 2015 the Arkansas State Police will not provide online accessibility to Motor Vehicle Crash Reports.  In order to comply with Arkansas Code Annotated §27-53-202 (b)(2)(B), the crash records must be reviewed by staff personnel for redactions applicable to minor age children.

The Arkansas State Police is required by state statutes to maintain a repository of all highway, street or county road crash investigation records prepared by any Arkansas law enforcement agency.

These records are available to the public and copies may be obtained from the state police.  A statutory fee of $10 must be collected for each copy of any single report.

The records of crash investigations prepared by a local or county law enforcement agency contained within the state police repository are duplicates of those records routinely available at the department where the report was initially generated. Typically the Arkansas State Police reports are available at troop headquarters within three to five working days after a crash is investigated by an Arkansas State Trooper.  To locate the appropriate troop headquarter information with the county where the accident occurred, hover over and select an area on the state map below. 

Highway Patrol Division Once a report has been checked for accuracy by a trooper's supervisor, the document is forwarded to the crash records repository at Little Rock administrative headquarters and can be ordered in most cases within 30 days of the report being completed.

Requests for copies of the reports can be mailed to the following address:
Arkansas State Police
Attn: Fiscal Section
1 State Police Plaza Drive
Little Rock, Arkansas 72209

The minimum information needed for clerks to retrieve your crash report include date of the crash, highway number, county in which the crash occurred and the name of at least one driver.  The search includes the crash reports prepared by local and county law enforcement agencies.