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Private Investigators and Alarm Installation/Monitoring

  The Arkansas State Police is statutorily charged with duties to administer the rules and licensing of private investigators, private security agencies, alarm system companies, polygraph examiners and voice stress analysis examiners.

  A copy of the applicable statutes and rules can be found elsewhere on this page.

  Act 393 of 2015 adopted by the Arkansas General Assembly repealed and replaced several provisions of A.C.A. §17-39-101 et seq. and §17-40-101 et seq.

  Arkansas maintains reciprocal agreements relating to private investigator licenses issued by the states of Tennessee, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. 

  Should you have questions regarding those individuals or companies regulated by the State Police or if you are seeking assistance in obtaining a license, you may email the Arkansas State Police Regulatory Services Division or call the office at 501-618-8600.

Statutes and Rules:

Licensing Guides and Applications for Private Investigator, Security & Alarm Services, Polygraph Examiner, and Voice Stress Analysis Examiners are listed below.  All applications and renewals must be accompanied with an Authority to Release Form (click here for release form)

Applications and Other Forms:

Polygraph Examiner -

  • New Intern Polygraph Examiner Form (IPE)
  • New Polygraph Examiner Form (PE)
  • Renewal Intern Polygraph Examiner Form (IPE)
  • Renewal Polygraph Examiner Form (PE)
  • Supplemental - Change of Information Form

Voice Stress Analysis Examiner

  • New Voice Stress Analysis Examiner Form (VSA)
  • Renewal Voice Stress Examiner Form (VSA)
  • Supplemental - Change of Information Form

Alarm Systems Employees

  • New Alarm Systems Apprentice Form (AA)
  • New Alarm Systems Agent Form (AGT)
  • New Alarm Systems Technician Form (AT)
  • New Alarm Systems Monitor Form (AM)
  • Renewal Alarm Systems Agent Form (AGT)
  • Renewal Alarm Systems Technician Form (AT)
  • Renewal Alarm Systems Monitor (AM)

Alarm Systems Employee Supplemental Applications/Forms

  • Alarm Systems Apprentice Upgrade
  • Transfer
  • Reinstatement
  • Change of Information Form

Alarm Companies

  • New Class E Unrestricted
  • New Class E Restricted
  • New Class E-S
  • New Class E-M
  • New Class G
  • Renewal Class E Unrestricted
  • Renewal Class E Restricted
  • Renweal Class E-S
  • Renewal Class E-M
  • Renewal Class G

Alarm Companies Supplemental Applications/Forms

  • New Manager
  • Renewal – Manager
  • Branch Location/Branch Manager
  • Company Officer
  • Change of Information Form




Miscellaneous Forms: