Tooper Memorial
Sidney Pavatt Trooper Sidney Pavatt was fatally wounded outside a residence on September 25th, 1948 while searching for a burglary suspect. Ermon Cox Trooper Ermon Cox was fatally wounded on August 17th, 1958 while attempting to arrest a DWI suspect.
Harry Locke Trooper Harry Locke was fatally injured in a vehicle crash on September 24th, 1966. Allen Bufford Trooper Allen Bufford was fatally wounded July 27th, 1969 during a highway violator traffic stop.
Ron Brooks Trooper Ron Brooks was fatally wounded February 27th, 1975 while apprehending three escapees. Kelly Pique Sergeant Kelly Pigue was fatally injured in a vehicle crash on December 8th, 1977.
Glenn Bailey Sergeant Glenn Bailey was fatally wounded during a violator stop on September 5th, 1980. William Rose, Jr. Trooper William Rose, Jr. was fatally injured in a vehicle crash on December 28th, 1982.
Louis Bryant Trooper Louis Bryant was fatally wounded during a violator stop on June 30th, 1984. Robbie Klein Trooper Robbie Klein was fatally wounded on October 15th, 1984 during a search for two prison escapees.
Michael Bassing Trooper Michael Bassing was fatally injured on July 24th, 1986 in a helicopter crash. Wilson Atkins TFC Wilson Atkins, Jr. was fatally injured on July 3rd, 1988 after being struck by a passing vehicle during a violator stop.
Clark Simpson Trooper Clark Simpson was fatally injured on February 18th, 1989 after his patrol car was struck from the rear following a violator stop.
John Scarberough Corporal John Scarberough was fatally injured on September 2nd, 1998 when his patrol car was hit from the rear during a violator stop.
Tom Craig Captain Tom Craig was fatally injured on December 14th, 2000 from injuries sustained when he was struck by a vehicle while assisting the victims of an earlier traffic crash. Herbert Smith Trooper Herbert Smith died on February 14th, 2001 from injuries sustained in a vehicle crash as he responded to a child emergency call.
Jimmie White TFC Jimmie White died June 1st, 2002 from injuries sustained in the crash of his patrol motorcycle he was driving at the time of an escort involving the U.S. Navy's Blue Angels. Mark Carthron Corporal Mark Carthron died September 12th, 2005 from injuries sustained the previous day when he was struck on Interstate 40 as he and other Arkansas State Troopers attempted to stop a fugitive vehicle.
Sergeant Richard LeBow Sergeant Richard C. LeBow died February 4, 2008 from injuries sustained in a traffic crash while on patrol duty near Mulberry, Arkansas along Interstate 40.    
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