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March 19, 2010 (LITTLE ROCK) – Three Arkansas State Troopers were presented prestigious departmental awards today during ceremonies to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Department of Arkansas State Police. The Chrisp – Carter bill, officially filed as Amended Act 120 of the 1935 Arkansas General Assembly, was adopted by both houses and signed into law on March 19th by Governor J.M. Futrell. Governor Futrell’s grandson, Arkansas State Police Commissioner, Daniel “Woody” Futrell of Nashville (Howard County) is currently serving his 17th year as a State Police Commissioner. The departmental awards presented today were: Arkansas State Trooper of the Year – Special Agent Kevin Brown, 31, of Van Buren County. Agent Brown is a five-year veteran of the department and is presently assigned to the Criminal Investigation Division, Company E, headquartered at Harrison. In addition to the Trooper of the Year Award bestowed on Agent Brown, he was also the recipient today of the Arkansas State Police Medal of Valor. The award is presented for extraordinary acts of valor and gallantry that clearly sets the individual apart from other commissioned personnel. The synopsis supporting the Trooper of the Year and Medal of Valor presentation states: On June 4th 2009 Special Agent Brown was assigned to an air surveillance mission onboard a National Guard OH-58 helicopter. The intended mission was to locate and identify a marijuana cultivation site believed to be in the area of the Marion and Searcy County lines in proximity to the Buffalo River. Onboard the aircraft were S/A Brown, a National Guard pilot and John Sowell of the 20th Judicial District Drug Task Force. As the flight progressed, the helicopter developed mechanical problems that led to a decision by the pilot to make an immediate emergency landing. The mission route had taken the helicopter over a mountainous and densely wooded area of the Buffalo National Forest and the aircraft was rapidly losing power and altitude. The helicopter crashed into a river pool approximately ten-feet deep and overturned. The impact of the crash jolted the seats from the interior of the airframe. Underwater and disoriented, Agent Brown was able to unbuckle his restraining harness and find his way to the river surface. Despite obvious internal injuries forcing him to limit movement of his body, Agent Brown began scanning the river and shoreline for the two others who had been onboard the aircraft. Unable to spot any survivors, Agent Brown made his way to the river shore but once there heard the call for help from DTF Agent Sowell who had surfaced and was struggling. It appeared Agent Sowell was in imminent danger of drowning. Despite his own injuries, Agent Brown returned to the water, located Sowell and aided the officer in moving toward the shore. Again, Agent Brown returned to the river to ensure the pilot had freed himself and was safely on shore. Trooper Anthony Quick, 41, of Little Rock, a three-year veteran of the department was awarded the Arkansas State Police Lifesaving Medal for his actions of June 10, 2009. Trooper Quick is assigned to Highway Patrol Division, Troop A, headquartered at Little Rock. During a service assignment located at 2021 West 16th Street in Little Rock, Trooper Quick made contact with Reverend Charles Causey. While attempting to complete the assignment, Trooper Quick returned to his patrol car to retrieve a flashlight and required reporting forms. While at the front of the Causey home, Trooper Quick heard screams for help from the rear of the residence. As Trooper Quick approached the backyard he saw four large pit bull dogs attacking Reverend Causey. The dogs had managed to take the man to the ground and torn one arm of Reverend Causey’s causing a serious lacerated artery wound that doctors later described as potentially deadly. Reverend Causey pleaded with Trooper Quick to shoot the dogs. Concerned he might hit Reverend Causey who was struggling with the dogs, Trooper Quick was left with no choice and took careful aim with his service pistol and fired twice hitting two of the dogs and subsequently causing two other dogs to retreat. Trooper Quick then began to render aid to Reverend Causey until medical assistance arrived and was later credited by Reverend Causey for the lifesaving measures. Trooper First Class Christopher Goodman, 34, of Russellville, a six-year veteran of the department, was awarded the Arkansas State Police Distinguished Meritorious Service Medal. TFC Goodman is assigned to Highway Patrol Division, Troop J, headquartered at Clarksville. The award presented to TFC Goodman was in recognition of his cumulative work during the course of 2009 associated with 45 separate traffic enforcement stops that resulted in 218 arrests and 305 criminal charges. The seizures of evidence during 2009 associated with drug trafficking credited to TFC Goodman amount to 5,591 pounds of marijuana, 6.1 pounds of crystal methamphetamine, 155.7 pounds of cocaine, and 14 grams of heroin. Tamara Newsom, 45, of Bryant, a 19 year veteran of the department, was presented the Civilian Employee of the Year Award. Newsom is assigned as an administrative assistant to Highway Patrol Division, Troop A, headquartered at Little Rock. Newsom was recognized for her distinguished career of committed service to the department. She is tasked with the personnel services functions involving 87 employees and managing the internal inventory of state property assigned to Troop A, amounting to more than 1,000 items. Sergeant Christopher Chapmond of the Hot Springs Police Department was awarded the Arkansas State Police Distinguished Service Award. The award is presented to persons not associated with the State Police who may assist State Troopers during the course of the apprehension of wanted fugitives or place themselves in danger while rendering assistance to a State Trooper. Sergeant Chapmond was recognized for his efforts associated with the investigation and arrests stemming from the multiple murders of individuals in Garland County on November 21, 2009.