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December 31, 2019

The Arkansas State Police is conducting an investigation of an officer involved shooting that occurred earlier today along Interstate 40 in West Memphis at the 283 mile marker near the Arkansas Department of Transportation Weight Station.

The investigation is being led by Special Agents of the Arkansas State Police Criminal Investigation Division and will focus on the use of deadly force by a law enforcement officer as defined by Arkansas laws.

Shortly after midnight a police pursuit involving Memphis police officers crossed into Arkansas and ended when an Arkansas State Trooper intervened to stop the suspect vehicle driven by the Memphis suspect.

Memphis Police Department authorities have issued a news release detailing the incident that ended with a suspect inside the vehicle being pursued by Memphis Police being shot and killed following the state trooper’s intervention.

The state police special agents assigned to the case will prepare an investigative file that will be submitted to the Crittenden County prosecuting attorney.  The prosecutor will review the statements and evidence contained in the file and determine whether the use of deadly force by a law enforcement officer was consist with Arkansas laws.