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April 17, 2017

  The individual who reportedly brandished a gun at police and subsequently shot has been identified as Olugbalah Ridley, 33, of Indianapolis, Indiana.

  An investigation of the use of deadly force by police is continuing.


  APRIL 15, 2017

  Authorities in the West Memphis Police Department have asked for the assistance of the Arkansas State Police in the investigation of an officer involved shooting that occurred earlier today.

  Shortly after 7 AM police were alerted to an armed robbery at a West Memphis motel when they encountered an individual matching the description of the robbery suspect.

  According to initial statements given to state police special agents, when local police approached the suspect at 2408 Talonwood the individual brandished a gun, leading police to fire on the suspect.  The individual was pronounced dead at the scene.  No police officers were wounded.

  The body of the suspect will be turned-over to the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory for examination.

  The name of the deceased has not at this time been confirmed.

  Questions relating to the identity of any officers involved in the shooting or their administrative status should be directed to the West Memphis Police Department.

  Upon completion of the investigation, Arkansas State Police Special Agents assigned to the Criminal Investigation Division, will present an investigative file to the prosecuting attorney for determination of whether use of deadly force was consistent with Arkansas laws.