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January 29, 2016

  An eighteen month undercover operation resulted in the arrest of fifteen felony suspects residing in Monroe County today.  All of the charges stem from law enforcement undercover purchases of illegal narcotics.

  The arrests were made by Arkansas State Troopers, Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputies, Brinkley Police Officers, Clarendon Police Officers, 1st Judicial District Drug Task Force Officers and Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Officers.

  The following individuals were arrested today without incident and incarcerated at the Monroe County Jail.

  • Morley Pearson, 38, of Brinkley
  • Harley Baker, 27, of Brinkley
  • Timothy Miller, 42, of Brinkley
  • Kendal Sawnigan, 27, of Brinkley
  • Cameron Tucker, 38, of Brinkley
  • Diana Reaves, 48, of Brinkley
  • Kenneth Jackson, 37, of Brinkley
  • Robert Sullins, 31, of Blackton
  • Johnnie Mounce, 43, of Clarendon
  • Lucas Hargrove, 34, of Clarendon
  • Rebecca Norwood, 34, of Brinkley
  • Anthony Glass, 35, of Clarendon
  • Chere Peacock, 38, of Clarendon
  • Jeremy Hartzog, 19, of Clarendon
  • Adam Davis, 31, of Brinkley 

  Drugs and suspected stolen property, specifically firearms and an all terrain vehicle, were recovered during the course of the arrests today.  The investigation into the stolen items in relation to the drug crimes is continuing.