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April 17, 2014


(LITTLE ROCK) - The Arkansas State Police is currently accepting applications from certified law enforcement officers who want to become an Arkansas State Trooper.

  In an effort to fill critical vacancies in eighteen Arkansas counties and fast track a class of approximately twenty-eight recruits toward a November 20th graduation, the recruit candidates will be offered an incentive by receiving their county assignments prior to troop school opening on August 31st.  Applications for the certified officer recruit school must be submitted by May 30th. 

  The counties with critical vacancies are: 

  • Chitot
  • Craighead
  • Crawford
  • Crittenden
  • Drew
  • Fulton
  • Greene
  • Izard
  • Jefferson
  • Johnson
  • Lafayette
  • Lee
  • Madison
  • Mississippi
  • Nevada
  • Ouachita
  • Sebastian
  • Yell








  “By hiring certified law enforcement officers and being able to offer the possibility of returning a recruit graduate to their home county or their choice of a critical county vacancy; I believe we will be able to quickly fill the vacancies,” said Colonel Stan Witt, Director of the Arkansas State Police.

  Minimum qualifications for the applicants require candidates to have graduated from a certified training academy no less than eighteen months prior to their application with State Police, successfully completed the state’s minimum certifications authorizing them as a law enforcement officer and have at least two years of officer work experience.

  “I want to reassure the public we are not compromising our standards by filling the vacancies on a fast track school,” said Colonel Witt.  “By recruiting law enforcement personnel who already possess minimum state requirements, we will be able to focus this class on Arkansas State Police policy, procedures and standards, along with advanced training and put new troopers on the highway who meet all the qualifications of this department.”

  Recruits who are hired will be paid a salary based on an annual rate of $34,500, raised to $36,000 upon graduation.  Family health insurance and retirement benefits are covered by the department.  Troopers are afforded overtime opportunities as well as certificate pay of up to $1,200 annually along with career service pay after ten years of service.

  Applicants for the certified law enforcement class will have to meet the same medical clearance, physical assessment and comprehensive background investigation which are identical prerequisites for all State Trooper candidates.

  Anyone who meets the minimum criteria for the special class of certified law enforcement officers and is interested in becoming an Arkansas State Trooper should contact the State Police Recruiting Office by calling (800) 340-4255 or click on the following web to complete the State Police Initial Contact Form and Medical Release Package found at the State Police Recruiting web site

  In order for an applicant's initial contact form to be considered, all supporting paperwork must be submitted to the Arkansas State Police Recruiting Office no later than May 30th.