Hiring Process

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Recruits Range

The demands and expectations placed on an Arkansas State Trooper are extraordinary.  That’s why the Arkansas State Police has some of the highest minimum standards required of any applicant who choose to enter a law enforcement career.

An applicant who meets the minimum qualifications to be considered as a recruit candidate must be prepared to complete a comprehensive process before a decision is made whether an offer for employment might occur.

APPLICATION (Initial Contact Form):  The initial contact form can be submitted by eMail, postal carrier or delivered in person to State Police Administrative Headquarters in Little Rock. The initial contact form will not be accepted or considered without a medical release form signed by a licensed physician.

Once the properly completed forms are submitted and accepted, a State Police recruiter or employee assigned to the department’s recruiting section will contact the applicant to begin the testing process.  Applicant recruits are required to pass a physical assessment test, a written examination, background investigation, polygraph interview, physical and psychological examinations, as well as interviews before Arkansas State Police commanders.

TRAINING ACADEMY: Applicants who are offered a position as a State Police Recruit are required to successfully complete 1,080 hours of physical training, classroom education and practical exercises.  Recruits are assigned during this period of time to the Arkansas State Police Training Academy located at State Police Administrative Headquarters in Little Rock.

FIELD TRAINING: From the initial date of hire, recruits are under an 18 month probationary period.  Following Troop School graduation, new Troopers are assigned to a Field Training Officer for 12 weeks.  Upon successful completion of the field training program, new Troopers are released to their county of assignment and patrol duties.

ASSIGNMENT: The Director of the Arkansas State Police, in consultation with Highway Patrol Division commanders, chooses the initial assignment for all new State Troopers.  A Trooper must be prepared to accept an assignment in any county designated by the director.